Jesus has been taken to the place of execution. Now he is to be crucified. Unlike what we might expect, his crucifixion isn’t described in graphic, harrowing detail. Instead, it’s described in a few simple, stark words.

And they crucified him. Dividing up his clothes, they cast lots to see what each would get. – Mark 15:24

When Mark says, “And they crucified him”, this is what he means. The soldiers took the crossbeam and placed it on the ground. Then Jesus was stripped completely naked. The soldiers then threw Jesus onto the ground with his shoulders across the cross-beam. While the others held him down, one soldier nailed first one wrist, and then the other, to the cross-beam.

The cross-beam was then hauled up to the vertical timber post by ropes, with Jesus hanging from the nails. When the beam reached the right height, it was dropped into a slot in the vertical post. The soldiers then held the feet of Jesus while first one foot, and then the other, was nailed to the cross, possibly through the ankles.

Then the soldiers nailed the wooden tablet that announced his crimes above the head of Christ for all to see. Now that Jesus had been properly crucified, the soldiers settled down to enjoy a more profitable part of the day. You see, they got to keep his clothes as booty.

At the Cross, Christ gave his robe of righteousness to all who would appreciate it and accept it. But the soldiers played while Jesus died. Let that thought sink in, for we all too often do the same today.

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