Welcome to SIBLife Online!

Our commitment to serve you as a church doesn’t stop, it just changes in this time. Church has never been about a building, but about the people.

We invite you, your friends and families to join us online to enjoy the service. Each service will have messages from our pastors and worship by LifeCreative.

Here's the latest schedule for SIBLife Online on Sunday:
⌚️ 9 a.m. English Service
⌚️ 11 a.m. Bahasa Malaysia Service

Sermon starts at 46:59
Speaker: Pr Daniel Tan
Topic: Break Free To Break Through (Exodus 6 : 6 - 8)

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Bahasa Malaysia Sermon: https://youtu.be/03IOTl5EUkQ
Watch Night Service Sermon: https://youtu.be/bxSqzvYkCq4

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We regret to inform you that reservation for this Sunday's service is closed. SIBLife's Council has decided to stop physical attendance in church for the time being. We will announce when we will be re-opening our church premise for physical attendance. Stay safe!

Right now, we meet online every week at these platform where we ​​engage in live chatting and prayer. Live Stream on SIBLife Church YouTube Channel.

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SIBLife, a family church consisting of students, young adults and families, has a strong emphasis on the involvement of its congregation in LifeGroups, in addition to avid encouragement to serve in missions across Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

Being proud of our East Malaysian heritage, we retain strong Bornean vibes throughout! Whether dropping by for a visit or looking for a church to grow in, we welcome you warmly into our family!

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