What does it mean to be a child of God? The Bible gives many examples of the benefits of being a child of God, and how those children can know that they are truly members of God’s family. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones says in this sermon on John 1:12–13 that one of the greatest evidences that they are truly born from God is that they will love what God loves. If they believe in Jesus and have been truly born again, they will love and pursue what God loves and desires. Just as natural children love what their parents love, so do spiritual children love what God loves. A person can look at their life and ask, “am I pursuing the things of God? Am I fleeing sin? Am I forsaking the world?” While the Bible never denies that Christians sin, it tells that Christians live a life of continual repentance and battle against sin. The Christian does not let it continually dominate their lives. This sermon calls all to ask the question, “am I a child of God? Am I trusting in Jesus Christ for my salvation?” If not, it is a call to believe and be born of the Spirit as a child of God.