In this study we go over 1st Timothy 6 in DEPTH. Comparison verses found below. I hope by now you are realizing there is only ONE TRUTH, He is IT. There is no other way. I can BEG you till I'm blue in the face, but NOTHING is gonna teach you FAITH. You HAVE to TRUST Him in FULL. There is NO halfway. There is NO middle ground where you can say you sin and still be saved, IT DOESN'T EXIST. It CAN'T. His Word says so. I'm not asking you to trust ME, I'm telling you trust HIM. LISTEN to what I'm telling you! I'm ONLY telling you to TRUST HIM. In FULL. How can that be wrong? STOP listening to people who mislead you when they themselves don't understand - IF they don't line up PERFECT - TRUST your Bible and WALK AWAY. We cover that verse in here. I KNOW it's crazy - I KNOW it's hard to swallow - BEEN there. But the Bible is THE TRUTH and men are LIARS. TRUST YOUR BIBLE. Learn it INSIDE AND OUT. I give you that on my channel. It's FREE. Completely FREE. ONLY taught from the tried and true!!!!! If you don't get to a point where you trust Him in EVERYTHING and stop "sinning" and START trusting Him then you CAN'T go. It won't happen - you either are obedient to faith - or disobedient to death. There is NO gray area to hang out in. NONE. I wish you the BEST - Skype me. Let me free you thru HIS Word and make you WHOLE!

1st Timothy 5:22, Titus 1:15, Hebrews 9:14, Titus 1:16, Matthew 6:1, Matthew 6:2, Matthew 12:37, 1st John 3:6, 1st John 3:9, 1st John 3:10, Romans 14:23, 1st Timothy 6:12, 1st Timothy 6:10

Partakers of the Benefit - 1st Timothy 6:2

This is a LOT of work lol....

This is the section in my channel I am dedicating to Bible study time w/ you. In this series of videos you will be able to open your own Bible and read along with me in whatever book I'm in and follow along. Use a pen and paper and take notes. Pay attention to the reference verses and follow closely. We will be going verse by verse in most cases thru different chapters to SHOW you what my WHOLE channel is dedicated to - and that is the TRUTH that is IN His Holy Word - you HAVE to FIND it. The King James Bible is the most preferred and what I teach from and read in my own personal life - if you do NOT have one I HIGHLY recommend getting one for follow along and comparison purposes. I hope you enjoy these videos - They are for SERIOUS Believers ONLY - If you don't take Him serious - don't expect me to take YOU serious - otherwise I am HAPPY to help in ANY way I can to get you saved for REAL. Full Assurance. ENJOY!!!!!

Remission - "the cancellation of a debt, charge, or penalty."

The "cancellation" means what? Means it's DONE that's what. Go LOVE.