To "Practice" = Practice definition, habitual or customary performance.

So if you sin again - you ARE practicing sin, there is NO specifics, sin IS sin. SIMPLE.

1st Timothy 5:20 "Them that sin rebuke before *ALL,* that others also may fear."

John 8: 34 "Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin *IS THE SERVANT OF SIN."*

In this video I was downtown Chicago on my way to Mc'Donalds from Lurie Childrens Hospital. Just so happened (God is GOOD at setting my appointments) that a FALSE "preacher" was peddling lies on the street.

There was a FEW of them actually - but this guy was their "leader." And MANY people were watching as I stepped up to bat for Jesus and HIS Words.....

I get SICK of people NOT taking what Jesus said seriously - so today I stepped up to the plate.

You CANNOT be a sinner AND a Saint at the same time. That is called LUKEWARM.

Revelation 3:16 "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I WILL SPUE THEE OUT OF MY MOUTH."

PAY ATTENTION - in the beginning HE can't even get his story straight as to what he is, he said yes he sins but then tried to back peddle.... That is "double minded" and that's NOT flyin with me.

This is a group that goes by 2 names.....

"Chicago for Jesus"


"The Underground Church of Chicago"

Pay attention to the ANGER and lack of reasoning in this man. His name is Joe.
Listen to how he mocks my sweater and disregards what Jesus said giving NO place for the Word to be spoken unless he could twist it - it only took 3 verses to expose this guy...

If you see them - Do what I did. Call em' out.

These are WOLVES.

I feel sorry for the people listening to him. He is a control freak and a hypocrite.

He actually thought I would magically finish his sentence for him when he asked me to hear his reasons for his need to sin... I think NOT.

THIS is the way to PREACH. THIS is how it's done in a group. He will NEVER forget who I am. He will FOREVER know who he serves - and I believe he knew it before I walked up.

God is GOOD.........

FEAR God - His Word means EXACTLY what it says... You CANNOT sin AND be Saved. You CANNOT serve two masters.

You are either PERFECT because of Christ - or you WILL die a sinner.

People like Joe here - THEY are the ones that have lied to you.


I have put EVERYTHING online and ON THE LINE for you.

This is SOOOO easy.

And to the PERFECT - have NO FEAR. God has our backs.

There is NOTHING they can do when you KNOW what we KNOW.


Little does he know the jokes on HIM. It'll be US he stands before VERY shortly.

He is NOT slack concerning his promises - have FAITH.

Much LOVE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send me your videos! I'll put em up!