Here's a powerful treasure from the spiritual sons of Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Goodwin (Papa and Mama Goodwin) - Joe Jordan and Ron Smith ! You will be glued to your screen by the richness of the Word of God and the move of the Spirit of God in these forums. These sessions are filled with joy and humor. The Holy Spirit has a special (symbolic) chair on the panel. You will be able to see the Spirit of God interrupting the conversation with an utterance in tongues, followed by its interpretation.
Both these men of God are in glory now. But the Holy Ghost forums they used to conduct once a month from 2009 - 2012 before they went home to be with the Lord are filled with their rich experience and training in moving with the Holy Spirit, that which they learned from Papa and Mama Goodwin. They used to train people especially in operating in the Gift of the Spirit - Tongues and Interpretation of tongues. These recorded powerful Holy Ghost sessions carry on the legacy of these men of God. You will have a great time in the Holy Ghost watching these sessions !
In this series of forums they also held a mentoring session to train people to move in Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues. Be sure to watch all these sessions and be abundantly blessed in Jesus' mighty name.