At the beginning of this video, I give a few personal updates about this channel (I will be contacting those who offered to assist with this ministry soon in the near future) and I also give a bit of personal updates too. REGARDING THE JOHN 10 VERSE, This verse is often used out of context as some sort of litmus test for salvation instead of the proper context of Jesus' own words. Many claim "you are NOT A SHEEP IF you DON'T FOLLOW JESUS" but what do they mean by "follow"? and is that what this verse should be used for? Why would Christians use verses against other believers that would discourage them and shake them by forcing them to look inward for something that is based completely on Jesus's merits and work not on our own? This is another reason there is so little growth and so many are stuck still on the milk, never moving onto the meat. So many false teachers confusing people about salvation and what we should look toward to give us assurance; hint, it is not us! I pray the context of this verse is clear to you and it encourages you so that you can grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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