Psalms Book Four – Ps 90:1-106:48 NLT Bible

This reading compilation of Psalm 90-106 is taken from the New Living Translation of the Bible. Bible Brother reads chapters from the Bible for you to use as a study tool, quiet time resource or Bible reading reference.

The reading features nature scenes as the backdrop. I read from the NLT by Tyndale. For more on their translations and other info see the following:

To request any specific readings please comment below.

Book Four – This collection of psalms, mainly written by unknown authors, is similar to the book of Numbers. Just as Numbers discusses the relationship of the nation of Israel to surrounding nations, these psalms often mention the relationship of God’s overruling Kingdom to the other nations. Because we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, we can keep the events and troubles of earth in their proper perspective.

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00:00 Intro
00:05 Psalm 90
02:00 Psalm 91
03:42 Psalm 92
05:13 Psalm 93
05:59 Psalm 94
08:11 Psalm 95
09:26 Psalm 96
10:57 Psalm 97
12:17 Psalm 98
13:29 Psalm 99
14:42 Psalm 100
15:23 Psalm 101
16:24 Psalm 102
19:11 Psalm 103
21:27 Psalm 104
25:02 Psalm 105
29:22 Psalm 106