In this video (as well as the last) I prove BEYOND A DOUBT that our modern "church" (ALL of them) is the whore and strange woman and WILL be going into Tribulation. I show you just ONE chapter in Proverbs and unveil the "Dark Sayings" of THAT chapter and explain how to NOW understand the 1st 7 chapters of Proverbs MUCH better than you EVER have (You will still need sharpening). Still don't believe me? Then I don't know what to tell ya. Wouldn't wanna be you very soon. Are you ready to have the Proper Gospel preached to you? Are you ready to be made WHOLE yet? Are you ready to LISTEN yet? I have covered it ALL pretty much. Enough that you could go and figure out the rest. It's NOT hard, my TEN yr old understands this. All you have to do is start by admitting 1st John 3:6 ISN'T lying. You ARE.

Revelation 2:4, Revelation 3:18, Revelation 3:19, Proverbs 5, Proverbs 1:6, Proverbs 1:7, Ecclesiastes 7:26, Revelation 12:17, Revelation 17:1-2, Revelation 8:11, John 4:14, Galatians 6:13, John 7:38, Ephesians 5:32

Time to WAKE UP PEOPLE. 8 people made it out last time now go see Luke 21:36 (My prayer has been ANSWERED. Has yours?). I DARE you not to listen. (Proverbs 19:5)

This is the section in my channel I am dedicating to Bible study time w/ you. In this series of videos you will be able to open your own Bible and read along with me in whatever book I'm in and follow along. Use a pen and paper and take notes. Pay attention to the reference verses and follow closely. We will be going verse by verse in most cases thru different chapters to SHOW you what my WHOLE channel is dedicated to - and that is the TRUTH that is IN His Holy Word - you HAVE to FIND it. The King James Bible is the most preferred and what I teach from and read in my own personal life - if you do NOT have one I HIGHLY recommend getting one for follow along and comparison purposes. I hope you enjoy these videos - They are for SERIOUS Believers ONLY - If you don't take Him serious - don't expect me to take YOU serious - otherwise I am HAPPY to help in ANY way I can to get you saved for REAL. Full Assurance. ENJOY!!!!!