Hello Sunday school teachers, preachers, and students! Welcome to SundaySchoolPreacher.com. In this week’s lesson Second Isaiah writes the first Servant Song that describes God’s just servant. Second Isaiah writes about a just servant who will bring a justice that Townsend Commentary explains “it connotes much more than judicial equity. In its broadest sense, it involves societal order in which the concerns of all are addressed.” That is the kind of justice that God promises in a just kingdom. Jesus the Christ, also known as the Messiah and the Saviour will be the one who brings about this just kingdom. Isaiah writes these words about 500 years before Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In this prophecy God knew the ending 500 years before the beginning. God is the one who has created the heavens and the earth and all that dwells therein. When God inspired Second Isaiah to write chapter 42 God already knew. Likewise God continues to inspire us and to write the chapters of our lives just as God did with Isaiah. In the person of Jesus Christ, God sent a light for the Gentiles. The servant of the LORD is an example of the very best of Godly leadership.