Hello Sunday school teachers, preachers, and students! Welcome to SundaySchoolPreacher.com. In this week’s lesson we get a prime example of single minded obedience as Jesus teaches about true worship. After being baptised by John the baptist, experiencing God the Father in a voice from the opened heavens, and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, Jesus is immediately taken into the wilderness by the Spirit where he fasts for forty days and forty nights. After fasting forty days and forty nights Jesus was famished. He may be God in the flesh but his flesh desperately needs sustenance. Jesus is no doubt in a weakened state physically and emotionally. It’s at this point when Jesus is vulnerable that the adversary, the accuser, the tempter, the devil tries to short circuit Jesus’ journey to become King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Jesus is tempted three times by the satan. Each time he combats the devil by quoting holy Scripture. If it’s in you, it will come out of you. Jesus fought the devil with what was inside him - scripture. We would do well, if we could do the same when faced with adversity.
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