Title: UBF Daily Bread, 1 Chronicles 18:1~17, 6.18.2020

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Date: 6.18.2020
Passage: 1 Chronicles 18:1~17
Key Verse: 13b
1.The kingdom expands (1-13)
Chapter 18 recounts examples of how God fulfilled his promises to David from chapter 17. David is enabled to defeat surrounding enemies, such as the Philistines, Edomites and Amalekites. The LORD extends the territory of David’s kingdom as far as the Euphrates River and Damascus. Hamath willingly brings tribute to Israel after David’s defeat of the king of Zobah. Great quantities of gold, silver and bronze are collected. King David dedicates the plunder and the precious articles to the LORD, and some are later used for the temple. As David trusted and obeyed God, God gave him victory.
2. David does what is just and right (14-17)
God blessed Israel’s military campaigns led by King David. God also blessed Israel with leaders who administered justice and righteousness. King David could not rule by himself, but God surrounded him with capable military, civil and spiritual leaders who could also bless the nation. God was bringing to fruition his promises to establish David’s kingdom.

Prayer: Lord, you are the source of all victory. Please defeat the spiritual enemies in our lives. Help us to also do what is just and right and bless others.
One Word: Victory comes from God

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