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In the long wilderness, when the Lord’s day is near, something like this appears:

1. There is no assurance of salvation in my heart, and I often doubt my own salvation because of my sinful behavior. Because of the accusation, I am not sure about my salvation. Facing the questioning from some false doctrines of salvation by behavior, I am panicked and want to get assurance of inner salvation through good deeds, my heart is severely bound and not free. The motive for working for the Lord is not out of gratitude but out of fear.

2. There is no desire and interest in the gathering. Although sitting in the Church, my heart is not there. When praying, the distracting thoughts in the heart will come up, unable to concentrate, and the mouth does not want to open to praise. Reading the Bible becomes hypnotic, and without a godly life. Can not live without Mobile phone, no spiritual partner.

3. Due to spiritual weakness, lack of energy, and chaotic life conditions, lack of inner patience, a small matter will detonate emotions. Everyone in the family needs to make room for you, who think yourself have a spiritual life, be critical of others, but be tolerant of yourself.

4. Because of the long-term service, the serving person did not get the living water in time, was exhausted, was dry inside, and had no strength to run anymore, besides these, also have the pressure of life, needed to earn money to support the family, energy was scattered, and the group of the Levites were weak as a whole. The flock of sheep is desolate, there is nowhere to find water, nowhere to find grass to rest in peace.

Why is there such a situation?

1. Long-term walking on one leg and flying on one wing. Worship of the Lord is to be done by the spirit and honesty, that is, the truth and the Holy Spirit. However, in recent years, the emphasis on knowledge has led to the ignorance of the Holy Spirit. Many people even reject the Holy Spirit in their hearts. The role of the Holy Spirit is to guide us to understand all the words of Christ and to renew our inner life. If there is no renewal in life, Just a pool of stagnant water. Therefore, we must fly with our two wings and pursue the balance between truth and the Holy Spirit. Because of the Holy Spirit, the truth becomes alive in me, and when the living truth runs in my heart, a fire will be kindled in me.

2. I have been fed for a long time, actually I have grown up, but I still wait to be fed, and even picky. I have committed myself for a few years and have experienced salvation and rebirth. After getting the training, I need to get up and serve instead of being served all the time. When we serve, we can understand the heart of the shepherd. When we serve, we will ask the Lord for help because of the inner needs, and growth will happen quietly in this process.

3. Being tempted by the world, because of the world’s thoughts and the temptation of money, squeezed the truth away,  as a result life became weak.

4. The Church has no clear vision, and if there is no vision, the people will be presumptuous.

How is your spiritual situation now?

If the above describes your current situation, it means that you are already in a quagmire of weakness. If you do not come out in time, you will fall into a quagmire of discouragement, loss of life, and waste of time. The mission given by the Lord is in sight, but it is difficult to grasp and accomplish.

So, there are the following advices to get out of this dry situation:

1. Through the training of inner life and prayer, restore the relationship with the Lord. During the appointment time with the Lord, meditate in his inner room every morning, and start the day and life after receiving joy and light.

2. In order to repent of the sin of rejecting the Holy Spirit and restoring worship in the truth and the Holy Spirit, invite the Holy Spirit to manage your life and obey the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

3. Participate in service actively and diligently, even if you start with the smallest thing, there will be life growth as soon as you serve, and there will be a supply of living water.

4. Continue to commit to Church and fellowship, don’t stop gatherings, enter the service with a praying heart and a humble heart, pray urgently for the preacher, ask the Lord to revive, and the shepherds will be spiritually restored to supply the flock.

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