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“I am with you, do not be discouraged…”

The assuring words of God to Joshua, when he was experiencing an overwhelming fear and discouragements when he was to take lead the people of Israel into the promised land of the Lord for them, after hundreds of years into the wilderness. But even before they entered the land, they faced other nations with huge number of armed men compared to them. And as they went on and faced them, victory was in their hands as the supernatural force of the almighty God was with them.

In the battle with the Amalekites, the Israelites are unskilled compared to their foes, they are people coming off wilderness, but as Moses raised his hands, they overtook their enemies. When Moses got tired, they noticed that the enemy became stronger, and so Aaron and Hur supported Moses in lifting up his hands until the not so trained men of Israelites won.

Witnessing how the Lord strengthened them supernaturally against overwhelming forces, Moses declared, the Lord is my banner (Exodus 15:15-16). In the lifting of his hands, God became their hand. The Lord’s power gave them the victory and defended them against their adversaries.

Today, may we all be encouraged that we trust the same Jehovah Nissi that showed us His powerful hands. God is our victory, in the living under the presence of God, we are victorious! Even in our personal battles with sin, temptation, persecution, the overwhelming circumstances in life, and even death, we are and will be victorious. In the end, when all things passed, the Lord is victorious! In His victory, we whose trust in Him partake in His everlasting victory. Declare today, the Lord is your banner for He is with us!

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