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“Look in the scroll of the LORD and read: None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate. For it is his mouth that has given the order, and his Spirit will gather them together.” ISAIAH 34:16

In today’s scripture, we look at the Bible as God’s very own. From the beginning of creation up to the prophecies of what to take place, the Lord gathered them altogether to speak to us.

God’s sovereignty and power amazes us that all of the scriptures were preserved and patch together despite the scenarios thousands of years ago, and how fascinating it is that the people whom the Lord revealed His words were empowered by the Holy Spirit to narrate and write.

Today, collectively, the scripture as God’s very words is the source of wisdom, the guide to our path, and the revelation of His identity, while the rest of the mystery remains a mystery as God’s thoughts are higher than ours.

Therefore, to know God is to love the scripture. To hear His very words and His answers is to love the scripture. To walk with the Lord in this lifetime until we meet is means to love the scripture.

Young Disciples is a Christian fellowship focuses on inviting university students to participate in our bible studies and fellowship. We believe that all students should study the Bible thoroughly, so they can find the purpose and meaning of their lives.

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