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“And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” – Mark 1:11

We have been learning over and over again that Jesus Christ is indeed God and that He and the Father are one. It has always been a knowledge that has been revealed to us by God that Christ is His Son and that He is not only our Savior but also our God. In our verse today, we are reminded of Jesus Christ’s baptism. We are reminded of how the sky opened and God the Father spoke and said that Jesus is His Son whom He loves and that only through Him He is pleased. 

For so many reasons, we still doubt if Jesus is indeed the true Son of the living God and that if He is God. Since baptism is for the sinners, then if Jesus was baptized, does that mean that He has sins too? Well, the answer is no. We have to remember that Jesus Christ came to the world to save us from our sins. He came to the world to carry all our sins and put it into His shoulders. The reason why He came was all to impute us with His righteousness so that God will see Him instead of seeing us. 

Indeed that God is only pleased through Christ and without Him, the wrath of the Father will be upon us. It may seem to be so impossible that God will see Jesus in us where in fact we are not Him but God did not literally mean that. God clearly wants us to understand that if we put our faith, our hope and let Christ rule over our lives, it will give us the desire to obey Him and to live our lives in-sync with Him. Therefore, as we truly believe in Christ, we will reflect His righteousness, His holiness and His life in us. 

Thus, Christ did not just merely go to the world to die on the cross and rose again. His coming has deeper meaning and deeper reason. It was for Him to impute us with His righteousness. For there is no one righteous in this world and not even one. We are worthy of condemnation and to suffer the wages of our sins. However, since God so loved us so He sent His Son to die for our stead and to impute us with His righteousness. 

Jesus Christ’s sacrifice was not only to prove His love for us but also to make us holy and to set us apart. Indeed that God is only pleased through Him for He is a man without sin and He is also one with the Father. God loved Jesus so much but because He loves us too, He has sent His Son to save us. The Baptism of our Lord was not indicating that Jesus has sins but to indicate that He has indeed taken all of our impurities and have given us His righteousness. 

Therefore, may we never forget this truth and always carry it inside us. We should always remember that God has indeed died for all of us even if we don’t deserve it. Let us not forget that Jesus received His baptism even if He did not have sin. Always put in your hearts and minds how God died for us all. Blessings and glory belongs to our God and our Savior. Amen.

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