“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;” Proverbs 3:5

God is calling us to let go of some things in our life. It can be a relationship, a dream, maybe a friendship, or perhaps a career. But whoever or whatever it is, I know God has been calling you to trust Him. You may not feel like it, but He has been pursuing you for a while now. You’re just too busy ignoring His call because you’re scared to let it go. 

Beloved, there is so much beauty in letting God take control of your life. He sees the whole picture when you can only see a puzzle piece. You have to be secured in His Word rather than your emotions. Please stop exhausting yourself trying to force what you think is good for you. It won’t take you anywhere. You will just prolong the pain. 

The Lord knows you better than you know yourself. But He can’t fulfill His best plans for you if you’re stuck in a chapter that no longer serves its purpose in your life. Maybe, for you, the future is uncertain. But, child of God, believe Him when He says that He will redeem the time you’ve lost and the pain you’ve felt. 

Today, rest in the fact that not one of God’s promises has ever failed. So believe Him when He says that He will be with you along the way and He has the best plans for you. You only need to trust Him and not lean on your own understanding. You may not see the significance of this, but in His perfect time, there is a greater reward waiting for you.

Beloved, do not let the fear of missing out cause you not to trust God. His discipline is never easy, but so is the pain of regret. There is so much beauty in letting Him take control of your life. Trust me, He loves you more than you will ever know. So let it go. Trust God. Surrender.