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“Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.” – Psalm 119:165

As we reflect on how Christ called us to come to Him, especially that we are heavily burdened, and worried, we are also reflecting on the peace of God today. Our psalmist today clearly declared that great peace will be for those people who love God’s law, and nothing can even make them stumble. Now, most of the time, we always forget the law of God because we are so focused on the grace of God.

Although indeed we are under grace now because it is by grace we have been saved through faith. However, the right mindset we really should have is to also consider the law of God. As our verse is saying now, we will have great peace and we will not stumble if we have the law of God. It is true that we are under grace and we are saved by grace and we are not under the law anymore, but we have the law to guide us. In that way, as we are guided by the law, we will have peace. 

If we continue to live our lives with the mindset of having grace— grace unlimited, then we will be so lax with this truth and grace that we will then consider sinning as something that God will just forgive over and over again. Now, we have to understand that deliberately sinning against God, even if we are already under the grace of God, then it just shows that we really don’t understand what the salvation of God truly means. Thus, with this, we won’t have peace, but we will just develop an unrepentant heart that depends on the grace of God with the wrong mindset about it. 

Therefore, this is the reason why we need to keep the Word of God, the law of God in our hearts so that we will be guided and we will be put into the path where God wants us to do. We have to understand that the law of God is given to us so that it will point us into our sins, and it will make us see our sins. Now, when we are pointed to our sins, then we will be able to know what God wants us to do or what God does not want us to know. Although the law is harsh and gives us so much punishment, it also makes the grace of God perfect and awesome. 

Thus, we must always keep the law of God, the Word of God in our hearts and let it guide us. It will not bring us into sin, but it will show us the path of grace. The law will give us peace because we will then know that we have the grace of God inside us and that we are following Christ’s footsteps. As we are doing this, nothing will then make us stumble. Therefore, let us bind ourselves to the law— to the Word of God so that it will guide us and give us peace and comfort with the grace and knowledge of Christ.

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