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“A person plans his course,but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Plans are necessary because it sets a direction of where we are heading. In all aspects, personal life, work life, businesses or even ministries, we set a direction and strategies to meet a our objectives. We carefully plan things out including the very details of it, to make sure that we won’t miss out the items of concerns and most especially, we forecast the road ahead for us to overcome. Without plans, it will be hard where to begin and what do along the way. That is why incorporates, we have annual planning, or simply when we go travel, we detailed plan our itineraries.

At a personal level, everyone of us plans everyday, short term and long term, but the path ahead of us will always be uncertain. Recalling the times in the onset of the pandemic, a lot of us excitedly book our trips ahead, only to be surprised that it was halted because of restrictions. As detailed as our planning can be, somewhere along the way, many of our plans can sometimes not be fulfilled, though initially we plan, it is next phases of it are unknown.

That’s why in today’s Proverb, we are reminded that we can all plan so well yet it is the Lord that establishes the plans and directs our path, only if we commit our plans to Him. This is an encouragement to us that we trust a sovereign God, who knows the path ahead of us, as good as our plans are, but sometimes the Lord provides detour for own benefit and safety. The Lord’s plans for us are much better, because of His nature as a Father to us, a shepherd who guides His sheep. He desires for us to be in His refuge at all times and to lead us to know His will. Today, whatever plans you have, may it be a personal level, or as a family, or as a group or organization, pray for your plans and commit it to God, surrender your plans and be ready that there maybe changes along the way, but a plan committed to God will surely arrive to what can benefit us, spiritually, and as His children, to protect us under His will. Let us all rest our plans into the mighty hands of God and go on.

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