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Verse 22

Now consider this - Understand this; give attention to this. The word “now” does not well express the force of the original. The Hebrew word is not an adverb of “time,” but a particle denoting “entreaty,” and would be better rendered by, “Oh, consider this;” or, “Consider this, I beseech you.” The matter is presented to them as that which deserved their most solemn attention.

Ye that forget God - Who really forget him though you are professedly engaged in his worship; who, amidst the forms of religion, are actually living in entire forgetfulness of the just claims and of the true character of God.

Lest I tear you in pieces - Language derived from the fury of a ravenous beast tearing his victim from limb to limb.

And there be none to deliver - As none can do when God rises up in his wrath to inflict vengeance. None would “venture” to Interpose; none “could” rescue from his hand. There “is” a point of time in relation to all sinners when no one, not even the Redeemer - the great and merciful Mediator - will interpose to save; when the sinner will be left to be dealt with by simple, pure, unmixed and unmitigated “justice;” when mercy and kindness will have done their work in regard to them in vain; and when they will be left to the “mere desert” of their sins. At that point there is no power that can deliver them.

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