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Verse 5

(5) Lord God of hosts.—See Cheyne’s Isaiah, vol. 1, pp. 11, 12, and Nowack’s commentary on this passage. Probably the hosts were the stars which were conceived of as celestial spirits standing upon or above Jehovah’s throne in Micaiah’s vision, on the right hand and on the left (1 Kings 22:19). These are to be identified, in all probability, with the sons of God (Genesis 6:2), described in Job 1:6 as presenting themselves in council before Jehovah. In Psalms 103:21 they are described as God’s ministers; also in Psalms 104:4, quoted in Hebrews 1:7.

His memorial—i.e., his name. (See Notes on Exodus 3:15; Exodus 6:3.) Jehovah—i.e., the self-existent One who nevertheless came into personal relations with Israel.

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