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Verses 1-13

The title and authorship have been discussed under Psalms 20, to which this forms a sequel. Its contents include a thanksgiving to God for His blessings to the king (Psalms 21:1-7), an address to the king promising future victories over his enemies (Psalms 21:8-12), and a closing ascription of praise to God (Psalms 21:13). The Ps. is used on Ascension Day.

1, 2. The prayers for victory in Psalms 29 have been answered.

3. Preventest him] lit. ’goest to meet him.’ A crown] the victory confirming his rule, like a second coronation.

4. In OT. times long life on earth was regarded as one of the greatest of blessings: see 1 Kings 3:11. The language here is ideal, but it was not unusual to speak so of kings (1 Kings 1:31; Nehemiah 2:3).

5. Thy salvation] the victory bestowed by God, which reflects divine attributes—’glory,’ ’honour and majesty’—upon the king.

6. With thy countenance] RV ’in thy presence.’

9. Oven] RV ’furnace,’ as fuel for a furnace.

10. The king will destroy young and old among his enemies—the terrible custom of ancient conquerors.

11, 12. Read, ’For though they intend.. though they imagine.. they shall not prevail, for thou shalt make them turn.. thou shalt make ready,’ etc.

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