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Verses 1-48

As Psalms 105 gives thanks for God’s goodness, so Psalms 106 confesses Israel’s sin and acknowledges God’s mercy, both being illustrated in an historical retrospect from the deliverance from Egypt down to the return from captivity: cp. Psalms 78; Ezekiel 20.

1. See on Psalms 100:5.

7. Provoked him] RV ’were rebellious.’ So in Psalms 106:33, Psalms 106:43.

8. For his name’s sake] see Ezekiel 20:14.

26. Lifted up his hand] sware. To overthrow] RV ’that he would overthrow.’ So in Psalms 106:27.

28. See Numbers 25:2; Hosea 9:10. The dead] the lifeless heathen gods.

29. Inventions] RV ’doings.’ So in Psalms 106:39.

32. Strife] RV ’Meribah’: see Psalms 95:8.

34. Nations] RV ’peoples.’ Concerning whom] RV ’as.’

35. Were mingled] RV ’mingled themselves.’ Heathen] RV ’nations.’ So in Psalms 106:41, Psalms 106:47.

37. Devils] RV ’demons’: see Deuteronomy 32:17.

46. Implies the return from captivity.

48. This doxology concludes Book 4 of the Psalter, but appears at the same time to have been an original part of Psalms 106. Let all the people say, etc.] A direction to guide the people in worship. 1 Chronicles 16:36 shows how it was carried out.

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