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Verses 1-8

Exodus 38:1-8. The brazen altar for the sacrifices, and the laver for the priests, are next fashioned: both typical of him, who made the one atonement for sin, and whose blood alone can cleanse our souls from the guilt or the defilement of it. This laver was made of the looking-glasses of the devout women, who frequently assembled to worship at the door of the congregation. Be it remembered to their honour. Note; 1. They who appear often before the sanctuary, and in the glass of God's holy law see the deformity of their nature, will never spend their time at their toilette in admiring their persons. 2. When God's service requires it, we should be willing to part with any thing, however useful to us or precious, and count that best bestowed, which is employed for his glory. 3. When we go to the laver of Christ's blood, we must look into the glass of the law, and then we shall see more distinctly in the one, how much we want the other.

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