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Why I Believe The Old Book

Why I Believe the Old Book Charles Naylor, 1920 Do I believe the old Book? Do I really believe it? My heart answers that I do. The deepest consciousness of my soul testifies that it is true. I will tell you some of the reasons why I believe it. The Bible is the oldest , and still the newest , of boo... Read More

Acceptable Service

Acceptable Service Charles Naylor, 1918 "Having a form of godliness but denying its power." 2 Timothy 3:5 We read in the Bible of the form and the power of godliness. When we look about us in the church, we see more of the form than we do of the power . There seems to be so many people who are merel... Read More

The Final Retrospect!

The Final Retrospect! Charles Naylor, 1920 There is a new grave in the cemetery today. An hour ago the sad-hearted mourners, with fast-falling tears, looked for the last time upon that familiar face. The light has gone out of the eye, and the sound of the voice is stilled forever. "Finis!" has been ... Read More


Contentment Charles Naylor, 1930 Contentment is one of life's greatest blessings. But contentment is not something that can be sent down, nicely wrapped up like a Christmas gift from Heaven. It is a state of mind and heart. It is not dependent upon our situation or our circumstances. Many people are... Read More


Trials Charles Naylor, 1918 Daniel said, "Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried" (chapter 12:10). All Christians are glad that they are purified and made white —but when it comes to being tried , that is a very different thing. They shrink from the very word. Their trials are to them as ... Read More

How Old Was Methuselah?

How Old Was Methuselah? Charles Naylor, 1941 One of the first things that I remember having learned in Sunday school, was that Methuselah was the oldest man who ever lived. I learned that he lived, according to the record, longer than anyone else in the history of the world whose age is given. The B... Read More

Spiritual Arithmetic

Spiritual Arithmetic Charles Naylor, 1918 Spiritual arithmetic is an important branch of study for the Christian. He who is not able to count properly in the spiritual life, may come to some very wrong conclusions. It is important, therefore, that he give his attention to learning how to count accur... Read More

The Crucified Life!

The Crucified Life! Charles Naylor, 1918 "Then Jesus said to his disciples: If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. What good will it be for a man if he g... Read More

God'S Will Concerning Suffering

Gods Will Concerning Suffering Charles Naylor It has been said that nature is exceedingly cruel. Wherever we turn, we are confronted with the mystery of suffering. The human race has their part in a common suffering, of which Paul speaks in the eighth chapter of Romans. "The creation waits in eager ... Read More

The Practical Side Of Religion

The Practical Side of Religion Charles Naylor, 1920 The sun was slowly sinking toward the western horizon, while I wended my way up the rugged hillside. As I ascended the winding path ever higher and higher, my horizon broadened. When at length I reached the summit and turned to gaze back over the v... Read More

Putting Clouds Over The Sun

Putting Clouds over the Sun! Charles Naylor, 1920 A little boy was walking down the street rejoicing in the possession of a bright new penny. He was going to buy some candy with it — and he could almost taste it already! But just then he dropped his penny upon the sidewalk — and an older boy seized ... Read More

The Sculptor'S Work!

The Sculptor's Work! Charles Naylor, 1920 One day many years ago, as I was walking along in the suburbs of a city, I came to a large shed with wide-open doors. My attention was attracted by the sound of blows; and as I came near the door, I saw some workmen at the back end of the shed busily at work... Read More

How To Overcome Disappointment

How to Overcome Disappointment Charles Naylor, 1920 You have been disappointed, haven't you? Of course you have, again and again. Does it hurt very much when things do not go as you have planned and hoped? Does it seem as if you "just can't stand it"? Some people can bear disappointment — they seem ... Read More

Following "Wherever"

Following "Wherever" Charles Naylor, 1920 One day as Jesus was passing along the highway, a man said to him, "I will follow you wherever you go!" (Luke 9:57). This man no doubt was greatly impressed by the wonderful works and noble character of Christ. He thought that companionship with such a man w... Read More

Getting The Kernel!

Getting the Kernel! Charles Naylor, 1920 One afternoon a mother with her children about her knees sat cracking nuts. The older children picked out the kernels for themselves — but the mother stopped now and then to pick out some for the smaller children, who watched with eager eyes and ate the kerne... Read More

Being Easily Entreated

Being Easily Entreated Charles Naylor, 1920 Not long ago I saw in the report of a meeting, a statement something like this, "The brethren were easily entreated, and so all personal difficulties were easily settled." One of the greatest problems that ministers meet, and one that requires the most pat... Read More

It Pleased The Lord To Bruise Him

It Pleased the Lord to Bruise Him! Charles Naylor, 1920 It is a mystery in the minds of many, why Christian people often have to suffer. With all the promises of physical healing, they still are many times in pain, notwithstanding God's faithfulness and his omnipresence. They also suffer temptations... Read More

The Shepherd Psalm

The Shepherd Psalm Charles Naylor, 1920 The Psalmist says of the Lord, his Shepherd, "He makes me to lie down in green pastures," or, as the Hebrew has it, "in pastures of tender grass." What a world of significance there is in this little sentence, "The Lord is my shepherd!" "He makes me to lie dow... Read More

Blighted Blossoms

Blighted Blossoms! Charles Naylor, 1920 In our yard, a few feet from the door, stands an apple-tree. In the early spring I watched its swelling buds from day to day. Soon they burst forth into snowy white blossoms, beautifying the tree, and filling the air with their fragrance. There was the promise... Read More

Sunburned Christians

Sunburned Christians Charles Naylor, 1941 Did you ever hear of sunburned Christians? Perhaps you never heard of them spoken of in this way. But I am sure you have seen a number of them. I do not mean that their skins were burned by the sun which shines above us. It is something far more serious than... Read More

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