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Preaching and Revival

Historically, there has been a close relationship between preaching and revival. Those revivals that have been the purest and most beneficial have given a preeminent place to the scriptural priority of preaching. In fact, a careful examination of preaching from past revivals reveals that God has bee... Read More

Revival in William Williams' Time

Williams had been converted in a revival. Several revivals broke out during his long ministry. He witnessed one great wave after another of God's Spirit breathing upon the land. In The Experience Meeting he describes the transformation in church and society which is brought about by such a season of... Read More

The 1859 Revival in Wales

'That You [God] would come down' (Is. 64:1) describes an event that could only be traced to God's initiative, grace, and power. What was sluggish and deadening among God's people becomes vigorous and productive. The blessing spills over into the community, and spiritual realities become urgent conce... Read More

The Puritan Use of Imagination

Wouldest thou see a Truth within a Fable? Then read my fancies, they will stick like Burs . . . come hither, And lay my Book, thy head, and Heart together. So wrote John Bunyan in his "Apology" to The Pilgrim's Progress at its first appearance in 1678.1 Time has proven him right. Few books, even of ... Read More

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