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Mis-interpreted Scriptures

There is a method of opposing the doctrine of holiness by quoting a few lonely passages of scripture that seem to warrant the assertion that no man can live without sin. With scarcely an exception the force of the interpretation depends upon the isolation of the text -- upon the fact that it is wres... Read More

Abandonment or Consecration

In order to understand properly the requirements of God at this juncture it will be well to find out three things: (1) The condition of the seeking soul, (2) the nature of the experience he is seeking, and (3) the relation to God he now sustains and will sustain when cleansed from all sin. First, th... Read More

As Good As God

It is objected that those who profess holiness claim to be as good as God. This statement is as false as it could possibly be. Professors of holiness never make such a claim; on the contrary they constantly assert that they are not and never will be divine nor as good as divinity. This is proven fro... Read More

Causes of Confusion

We are in the habit of saying that the present world is a place of trial. If this is true, and there is no doubt that it is, then there must be enough lack of comprehension to cause at least some degree of uncertainty or there would be no need of faith, our patience would never be exercised, and, as... Read More

Causes of Vacillation

The question is often asked, "Why is it that people fail to keep a steady experience in holiness?" In answering in a general way we remark that in the things of grace people get all they live for. Holiness resides in the heart, and, as a consequence, the causes of vacillation may be found in heart c... Read More


When to one is given this deep view of the inward workings of carnality, he will just as naturally confess it as he will confess his actual sins when seeking pardon. The fact is that such a view of self will be accompanied by confession almost as inevitably as a person is accompanied by his shadow; ... Read More

Confession - Concluded

4. This line of confession, wherever practicable, will greatly help; but where it is not practicable, still there is a way through. We have spent much time on public and private confession in order to make the subject clear. So many errors have been taught and practiced in connection with this matte... Read More


"To retain perfect purity," says James Caughey, "requires a continual acting of faith upon the leading promises of the gospel." Jesus said, "Have faith in God." Isaiah says, "If ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established (Isa. 7:9). Paul says, "To the end he may stablish your hearts unb... Read More


But the doctrines of Zinzendorf will not stand the test of Scripture. For proof that carnality remains in the justified soul in the dispensation under which we now live we must turn to the New Testament. In the very beginning we find an interesting inquiry and one which has caused a great amount of ... Read More


God Is not a thief, and so he will never take away the carnality of our hearts without our knowledge and consent; nor is he a robber, and hence he will not force us to give it up; neither is he a deceitful Being, therefore he will not cleanse us from it unless we know what we are yielding. When we s... Read More

Conviction -- Concluded

Reader, if clear light has not shone on your heart and revealed the depths of depravity still lurking there, you can undoubtedly obtain such light by following carefully these rules: 1. Pray that God may reveal to you your own heart. He has told us that if we lacked wisdom, we are to ask of him and ... Read More


Wesley defines Christian Perfection as The loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. This implies that no wrong temper, none contrary to love, remains in the soul; and that all the thoughts, words, and actions, are governed by pure love. When a person is justified, or converted, his p... Read More


Another favorite saying is that discouragement is inconsistent with holiness, and that if such a spirit overtakes you you do not have the experience; and this is said without the least qualification or explanation. Before we could concede such a claim we would want to know several things, especially... Read More

Discouragement, Continued

3. Causes of discouragement within ourselves. No person has such a full view of his own astonishing weakness as does the holy man. "Oh," says some one, "a holy man is not weak." Indeed, and who is this that is wiser than what is written? Paul says, "I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in mu... Read More

Do Not Bear Proper Fruits

It is objected that many or all of the professors of holiness do not bear the fruits of holiness. This objection is much like the preceding one. As to whether all holiness professors fail to bring forth proper fruit, no matter how competent the judge may be to pass on any individual case that may co... Read More

Ecstatic Feelings

Another ambiguous statement is that the sun is always shining (meaning ecstatic blessings) in the holy man's sky. We sing, "Here the sun is always shining Here the sun is always bright; 'Tis no place for gloomy Christians to abide For my soul is filled with music, And my heart with great delight, An... Read More


There are persons who realize that their Zinzendorfian ideas are not satisfactory and to supply the deficiency they must add some further experience. They claim that the soul is wholly cleansed when it is justified and that after this there is no further cleansing but an infilling or empowering. I s... Read More

Failure to Obtain the Experience

Another objection which is sometimes urged, may be stated thus, "I sought the experience of holiness carefully and honestly and did not obtain it, hence there is no such a thing." This reminds one of the man who went out and knelt under a certain tree and prayed, "Oh, God, if there is such a religio... Read More


"Deep repentance is good," says Fletcher; "gospel self denial is excellent; and a degree of patient resignation in trials is of unspeakable use to attain the perfection of love; but as faith immediately works by love, it is of far more immediate use to purify the soul." When Peter stood up before th... Read More

Faith - Concluded

We proceed to note, -- II. What saving or sanctifying faith is. There are always three aspects to the faith that saves, the historical, the expectant, and the appropriating features. 1. Historical faith is that act of the intellect by which we give credence to the facts regarding Christ's person and... Read More

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