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J. Vyrnwy Morgan

John Vyrnwy Morgan, usually known as J. Vyrnwy Morgan, was a Welsh Congregationalist minister and author.
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J. Vyrnwy Morgan

Chapter I. The Place Of Revival In Modern Civilization.

THIS is a great age, an age pregnant with untold possibilities, an age rich in direct and aggressive effort for the good of mankind. There is abroad, in this and other lands, an overmastering passion for righteousness, and an intense longing for the fulfilment of those ideals that have throbbed in t... Read More
J. Vyrnwy Morgan

Chapter II. Nationality And Revival.

WHAT is nationality? We define it in the same way as we do or should define character. No one attribute is more fundamental than another; and, therefore, no one quality should hold a prior place. The various qualities may be separated for the purpose of analysis; but we must consider them in their t... Read More
J. Vyrnwy Morgan

Chapter III. Evan Roberts.

Now that the excitement of the Revival is over, and the nation has regained its sanity, we are able to look more dispassionately upon the career of a man who, for a brief period, loomed largely in the imagination of the people. Different men, according to their temperament, appreciate different side... Read More
J. Vyrnwy Morgan

Chapter IV. Theology And The Revival.

THEOLOGY in its ecclesiastical sense does not occupy the place it did thirty or even twenty years ago. This is true not only of Wales in particular, but it is general. In Wales the social and political aspect of Christianity has overshadowed the spiritual and theological. I am alluding here more esp... Read More
J. Vyrnwy Morgan


THE appearance of such a work may necessitate an apology, for the reason that the field has already been well covered, both by amateurs of literature, and by men who claim to be experts in this branch of religious experience. But the ground which this book covers is entirely new. The book is intende... Read More

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