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(The Revelation) 01 - Cover

THE THE REVELATION OF Revelations: AN E S S A Y Towards the Unsealing, Opening and Discovering THE Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New-Jerusalem State. ______________________________________ By J. LEAD. ______________________________________ The Second Edition. With an Appendix. ___________... Read More

(The Revelation) 02 - The Epistle DEDICATORY.

To the Living Stones gathered, and to be gathered to Christ, the Foundation Stone; wherever hid, scattered and dispersed, who are Elected in GOD for the New-Jerusalem-Glory and Mount-Zion-Church; All Love, Grace, Peace and Joy be multiplied from HIM who Was, is, and is to Come. The Establishment of ... Read More

(The Revelation) 03 - An Advertisement to the R E A D E R.

THIS Book is an Explication upon the Apocalypse, very Different from All that have been Before. It contains in it many things Uncommon, some of which are indeed hard to be uttered; and therefore difficult to be comprehended, except perhaps by some Few that may have their Senses Exercised to Mystical... Read More

(The Revelation) 04 - THE AUTHORS P R E F A C E TO THIS Second Edition.

§.1. THE Most High GOD, who in His Wisdom and Providence, did give the first Birth to the Manifestations, and Revelations, contain’d in this Book, and open’d a way for their Publication; has now the Second Time moved for the Reprinting of them, by such as Worthily did entertain the Spiritual Mysteri... Read More

(The Revelation) 05 - 40 PROPOSITIONS

Needful to be Consider’d by them that would read with Profit this Book of the Revelation of Revelations. I. There is a Mystical and Magical Sense of St. John’s Revelations, as well as a Literal and Ecclesiastical. II. It is called Mystical, as it relates to the Hidden Mystery of God in the Soul: and... Read More

(The Revelation) 06 - The INTRODUCTION.

It was in my Purpose to have suspended, as yet, any further manifestation of the Revelation that still followed me, and I would have hid the Golden Talent only for an Increase in its own invisible Ground, from whence it open’d at first, till such time as it might come forth in the multiplying Number... Read More

(The Revelation) 07 - CHAP. I.

(Octob. 26. 1679.) I feel the Divine Agent, that works mightily in Holy separated Souls and Minds, driving on to make way for what is yet behind, in reference to the manifestation of that Kingdom, which now the Lord is about to restore in his Saints: and therefore gives forth fresh and lively Ideas ... Read More

(The Revelation) 08 - CHAP. II.

[November 16.] THE Holy One, according to his friendly way and manner of Visitation, did after all this, exceedingly comfort, and strengthen me to maintain his right of Conquest, over all that which yet is left to vex, and awaken Anxiousness, or any Fear or Turmoil in the Soul. My Jesus thus spake, ... Read More

(The Revelation) 09 - CHAP. III.

[November 28.] Hereupon followed a further discovery, to let me know the Royal Freedom of the spiritual Seed proceeding from the New-Jerusalem, as the Virgin-Bride of God; who tho’ come down into this visible Birth of Time, yet was before all Time, in the Substantiality of spiritual Essence: by whom... Read More

(The Revelation) 10 - CHAP. IV.

[December, about the Beginning, 1679.] THE Hand of the Lord was strong upon me still, and took me up into an high and lofty Place, where I saw a burning Furnace, which appeared all Blue like the airy Clouds, and the Lord walking in it to and fro, who said, See whether thou canst make thy Pass to me,... Read More

(The Revelation) 11 - CHAP. V.

The opening of the first Seal, Rev. 6. ver. 1, 2. AT the opening of the first Seal, the Spirit of Faith came forth to encounter with the fearful and unbelieving Spirits, that set before me an Impossibility of ever reaching to a Paradisical Purity and Mount-Zion-Dignity: And I was kept under a great ... Read More

(The Revelation) 12 - CHAP. VI.

The Mystery of the Trumpets Synchronizing with the Seals; And in particular of the sixth Trumpet. Thus I have been driven on according to Experience and Revelation, to open the Mystical Meaning of what is Written in the Revelation, according as it is to be fulfilled in Holy and Heaven-born-Saints: t... Read More

(The Revelation) 13 - CHAP. VII.

The Mystical Meaning of the Two Seas. Rev. 15.2 and 13.1. AS I was collecting in my Mind the near approaching time for the manifestation of this great Overturning, which is to bring in the overflowing stream of Christ’s Kingdom into the Overcomers: Behold I did see, and hear the Voice of him from wh... Read More

(The Revelation) 14 - CHAP. VIII.

The seventh Seal shewn by way of Vision, some space of time after the opening of the other Seals. Now follows another great Mystery, which I was called upon to look into, concerning the seventh Seal, wherein lies hid the Reward and rich Prize, which though not yet given in Possession, yet the Holy O... Read More

(The Revelation) 15 - CHAP. IX.

The first Thunder. Now the cry of the first Thunder was this; Behold how the six days Creation is come to its limit, and Man ceaseth to be; being returned into the Eternity of his own Spirit, there to rest in God: while the Number of the Beast is summed up, and his Kingdom finished; with the Ordinan... Read More

(The Revelation) 16 - CHAP. X.

The Mystery opened of the thousand years Reign. Rev. 20.5,6. Thus the Triumphant King and Conqueror (who is possessed of all the Royal Powers and Dignities, that are unfolded in these seven Thunders) hath given his Word, that none of these shall fail in any one that hath the mark of the seventh Conq... Read More

(The Revelation) 17 - CHAP. XI.

[January 2d. 1682.] MUch and free Communication I had with the Lord this Night, and a Cloud of Light appeared in me, which raised my hope higher; I had also many Queries satisfied. Then there appeared to me a pitched Standard, which reached from the Earth to the Heavens, where its top was hid; it re... Read More

(The Revelation) 18 - CHAP. XII.

First Property. The First was a circling Cloud of Light, from whence uncessant Revelation would spring, and open what was never known before, concerning the invisible Scenes of Glory, to which the mortal Man hath been altogether a stranger, not having understood his original Royalty. But where Chris... Read More

(The Revelation) 19 - CHAP. XIII.

THE fore-going Properties, is that which makes way for the Reign of Christ in Personal Power and Glory, which is now the great thing to be waited for, as the End and Consummation of all that hath been revealed. In the bare discovery of which we are not to rest, but we are to press forward to enjoy t... Read More

(The Revelation) 20 - CHAP. XIV.

THE grand Query after all that hath been revealed, concerning the Reign of Christ in his Saints, is this, Where this Government shall be pitched? It is an ancient Scripture-Prophecy, that Judah shall reign with God, for he is faithful with the Saints. The Scepter shall not depart till Shiloh come, w... Read More

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