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"I Wish I Knew For Sure"

Edna was a little Swedish girl, fifteen years old, but very small for her age. Her blond hair hung in long curls around her shoulders, and her blue eyes sparkled. She attended each service that it was my privilege to conduct in a new church that the Swedish friends had built in that community. She s... Read More

A Little Lad Stopped Praying

At the close of an evening service in which I had endeavored to make known God's way of salvation, clearly and plainly, I went to the door of the church to greet the friends as they passed out. Standing by the door was a gentleman holding a lad of about twelve years of age by the hand. It was his so... Read More

Ants Go To Picnics

The great King Solomon on two occasions has called our attention to the little ant that we might profit thereby. In Proverbs 6:6 he wrote, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise." Later on in the same book he wrote, "The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat... Read More

Dogs Stay Dogs

It is quite evident that the hypothesis of evolution does not apply in the dog family. Way back in Exodus 11:7, dogs are mentioned and they are again referred to clear down to the end of time in Revelation 22:15. They are mentioned frequently throughout the Scriptures and never in a commendable way.... Read More

He Hid Behind the Stove

A meeting was in progress in a small country church which was heated by a large stove at the back of the room near the door. The stove was usually kept fairly hot during those cold days, so that the visiting friends could not sit very near to it. One young man, however, preferred to sit directly beh... Read More

How Does the Butterfly Get Out?

The theory of evolution has permeated our schools and colleges to such an extent that it is time that we Christians deliver such messages as will counteract this false teaching. The opportunity of addressing the students of one of our colleges was given me, and I learned that the hypothesis of evolu... Read More

The Banker Was a Bankrupt

In an afternoon meeting, held in a little mission hall, there were eighteen ladies present and one gentleman. It was just a little Bible class held on a cold, wintry, blustery day for a few faithful who could be depended upon to attend, even though the weather conditions were not altogether favorabl... Read More

The Biggest Hanging of All

The story of any hanging usually gets a place on the front page of the paper. Man has been hanging his fellow man for centuries. It has been a common mode of execution and punishment. Kings have hanged other kings. Rulers have hanged traitors. Men have committed suicide by hanging. All of these inst... Read More

The Case of the Japanese Barber

All morning long, I had sought time and opportunity to shave myself before starting on a trip to Los Angeles from the neighboring village in which I was visiting. One circumstance after another combined to prevent this, until it was time to leave for the city. Hurrying up the long road to the Interu... Read More

The Dandelion is Unusual

Did you plant the dandelions in your front yard? Dandelions are no respecter of persons. They adorn the yards of the rich and show their yellow glory around the hovels of the poor. They delight to grow in the cemetery or in the garden of the Prince. They flourish in the woods where no one can observ... Read More

The Superintendent Changed His Mind

The Rotary Club in a southern city had gathered for their noon luncheon in a downtown hotel. The chairman of the speaker's committee had requested me to give a message on some of my nature studies. It is always difficult to know just what to say to such a mixed group of people, since there are Jews,... Read More

The Wayward Young Man

Preacher's sons are sometimes a heartbreak to their parents, as was the young man who is the subject of this story. His father was a well-known and much loved preacher in a great city in Scotland. The boy had been reared in an atmosphere of goodness and godliness, where much prayer was made for each... Read More

We Learn From the Automobile

We shall compare the automobile to the Christian in the story that follows. The auto is not self-made. It did not just happen. It is not a product of nature. It does not grow on trees. It was made by an intelligent man thinking out all the multitude of problems, connected with its strength and its s... Read More

We Should Be Thankful...

Because we do not have universal joints at our elbows. How would mother lift the skillet from the stove if the elbow joint did not have "stopper" on the back side to keep the arm from going all the way back? Have you been thankful that your knee is not a universal joint? How would you ever stand upr... Read More

Whose Tears?

The chemist would say that tears are a combination of sodium chloride, phosphate of lime, mucus and water. The pastor would say that tears are the bleeding of a broken heart. The police officer would say that tears are a sign of weakness. There is much about tears in the Bible. Our Saviour only left... Read More

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