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“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.” ECCLESIASTES 9:10

Our future is full of uncertainties. That is why King Solomon suggests enjoying life while we are still able. He means using God’s gifts to the fullest. When the Lord authored our life, He made sure to create us with the ability to maximize our minds and talents. Some were blessed with academic excellence, some with musical intelligence, some with athletic skills, and more. 

Now, this doesn’t mean doing everything that will make you happy. Sometimes, things are enjoyable yet dangerous. Be reminded that not everything is good and pleasing to God if it will cause you to sin. Living your life on your terms is a trap of the enemy. So live wisely. 

The Scripture reminds us that we should do our best in every circumstance. We should do it with all our might because this is what He wants us to do. He doesn’t expect us to be the best, but we have to do our part in giving our best. We have to be good stewards of His gifts and not waste any opportunity to use these for His glory. 

Another, we should also improve while we can, because time may come when we cannot do it anymore. We won’t have the same capabilities and skills when we grow older. And that’s normal because change is always inevitable, and our future is uncertain. But when we excel now in our work and maximize our God-given abilities, we honor God in every way. So do not delay your growth, do not procrastinate because God wants you to maximize His gifts. 

When we die, we cannot go back nor change what we have done. Even the wealth we accumulated on Earth is worth nothing. The only thing that will matter at the end of our lives is how we lived and served God with our might. Today, may you accomplish your work well for His glory. 

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