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““In your anger do not sin”, Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.” EPHESIANS 4:26-27

The reason for most arguments is misunderstanding or miscommunication, caused by the words that came from our mouth or how we misbehaved. Sometimes, we even do something that would worsen the situation because we are mad. Do not get the Bible wrong, it didn’t say that being angry is a sin or wrong to feel that way. It says, however, that anger can lead to sin if not guided by self-control. 

The Bible points out the importance of handling our anger correctly. How we react to it causes us to do things that are not pleasing to God. For example, throwing things to express our rage, cursing or insulting others through words, provoking people to irritate them, talking back or rolling eyes to show our annoyance, and the worst, seeking revenge to get back to them. We hurt other people and destroy our relationship with them through these reactions. 

This Scripture specifically tells us that we must not let a day pass by with anger in our hearts, for we are doing the devil’s work for him. Instead of resolving conflicts, we’re allowing Satan to rejoice because he has fulfilled his mission of destroying our relationships. At the same time, he robs off our peace, causing our hearts to be full of bitterness and hatred towards the people who have hurt us. 

It takes a lot of self-control not to react negatively when anger is stirred up. To practice this, we must first learn to resist the first urge to express our emotions, then ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and yield to its control. May you practice responding in love rather than reacting in anger. This saves up your time spending mad, it preserves your peace and energy, it doesn’t cause divisions with the people you care for, and it will help you be more like Jesus. 

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