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This is a true story. A young man was mining in a Colorado mine during the Gold Rush. He became discouraged because he was digging and digging day after day and found nothing. He decided one day to sell all his mining equipment to a local junk man and return home.

The junk man took the tools and kept digging where the other miner left off. He dug three more feet and struck gold, and the junk man sold the gold he found and became a millionaire.

So many people right now are literally three feet from gold, spiritually speaking. You have been fighting day after day, and you think nothing is happening, but in reality you are so close to your breakthrough that the only way you could possibly fail is if you give up now.

Don’t give up! Don’t quit now! Satan’s goal is to wear out the saints, to discourage them and get them to give up their God-given dreams and destiny. Don’t let that be you!

If you will keep your eyes on Jesus, stand firm in the faith, and keep digging, you’re literally 3 feet away from one of the biggest breakthroughs of your life.

God has been speaking to you about it, you have been contending for it, and now is the time to fight until you get the VICTORY. The biggest breakthrough is coming for those who refuse to quit. Somebody with faith say amen!


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