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“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him” – Lamentations 3:25

We often think that since we are all sinners and deserving of the wrath of God, God is far away from us. Most of the time we think that God does not care for us because if He does, then why does He allow all these unfortunate happenings to happen? Why does He allow suffering and unfairness to win? Oftentimes we think that God delights in seeing us suffering and having a hard time. However, for all those times, we are always wrong. 

Jeremiah, in his book of lamentations mentioned that God is good to those whose hope is in Him and who seeks Him. Though lamentations is a book of lament, Jeremiah did not fail to proclaim how awesome God is and how good He is. In fact, He admitted there that God is indeed good. He is existentially good. He is not good because we are good but He is good because He is good. 

When Jeremiah mentioned that God is good to those whose hope is in Him, God is reminding us that He is indeed good and He is also faithful. He was faithful in the times of the old prophets and He was good during the time of the slavery of Israelites. Meaning, God is indeed good and faithful since before and He does not change. Therefore, God is indeed good, especially to those whose hope is in Him. 

When we put our hope in God, when we put our faith and our trust in Him, we will then see all the things God has done for us. Before, we question God’s goodness and faithfulness because of all the unfortunate things happening in our lives, but right now when we truly understand this verse, we will see that we are just creatures who fail to appreciate things. We just fail to appreciate how God delivered us away from everything that can harm our body, soul and spirit. We just fail to see that even by just waking up in the morning is already a blessing.

Thus, God is indeed good and faithful to those whose hope is in Him because He will not fail us and what’s best for us is in His interests. Also, He will also remain faithful to those who will remain faithful to Him by seeking Him always. Again, most of the time we think that God is too far away from us, but in fact, it is us who walked away from God. So, we must always seek Him and find Him through His Word. We must meditate on Him day and night. Not just because He promised to be good to us that’s why we will do this but because we are people who are already saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Once that we truly understand this message, we will always then put our hope in Him and we will always seek Him. Although God is existentially good and faithful, putting our hope and seeking Him always is actually not His advantage but ours. Through this, we will then see and appreciate all the things God did for us, not because He will start being good to us after that, but because He is good and faithful ever since, we just learned to see it. 

Now, may we always put our hope in the Lord and seek Him always. May our eyes be open and will be able us to see all the great things God did for us. We should always remember to remain faithful to Him as He remained faithful to us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, all glory and praises belongs to Him alone. Amen.

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