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“Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.” – Psalm 139:4

For so many reasons, we treated sins with degree. We think that every time we just think of something wrong, we comfort ourselves that at least we did not do it but just thought of it. However, the degree of sin is all the same. If it is a sin, it is a sin. No matter how grievous it is. Now, our verse today, reminds us about God’s unfathomable knowledge, wisdom and power. 

It is very evident that God is indeed omniscient. He knows everything and even David declares that God knows everything even before words are spoken. God knows everything in our hearts, in our minds and even if we are still thinking about it. However, we take this lightly. There are two points that we can reflect with this verse. Firstly, this is such a sweet verse. Knowing that God knows everything about us is such a sweet thing to know. 

David actually declared that the Lord knows everything. So, when we think about it, our God really knows our concerns and all our hardships. It is very important for us to understand this truth. It is very important for us to know that our Lord is not a distant God. He is not distant and He is not a snob. He does not need to wait for us to say those desperate words to ask Him to help us, but instead, He already knows what we are going through and He already knows what we need. Thus, this verse just shows that God is indeed very sweet and caring. 

Secondly, we can also see that since God knows us by heart and knows our minds, He has also heard of those unuttered awful ideas we have and those sinful desires that we are always thinking. Indeed that it is good that God knows everything even before we can say it but we cannot also hide anything from Him. We have to understand that we should not be biased over anything. We should not just be glad that God knows everything we need but we should also be glad that even our sinful desires that are only hidden inside our minds are also known by Him. 

We have to understand that we are indeed sinful and that God knows about it. We should not be so lax though that because God knows what we desire silently, He is entitled to forgive us because we have not done it anyway. Instead, we should always ask for forgiveness for everything that our minds are always desiring. Therefore, we should always remember that through this verse we are reminded that it is important for us Christians to pattern ourselves with Christ’s mindset. 

We have to always renew our minds and our thoughts through meditating on the Word of God. If we remember, Paul has also written that we should season our speech with salt so that we will know how to answer those people who will ask us about the faith we profess. Thus, as we know this fact that God indeed knows everything about us, let us always remember to not just live or do anything for His glory but we should also in-sync everything to Christ. Including our mindset, our thoughts, our desires and our whole life. It is not just something we do physically, but also everything we think and everything we desire. 

May we always remember this declaration of power and wisdom of our God. Let us always remember that indeed He is not a distant and a snob God, but He cares for us and He spends time to know what we need, what we think and what we desire. Although most of the time we only desire wickedness, it is also the reason why God knows that we need His grace. His grace is indeed sufficient and that even if our minds are dirty, God continues to look out for us. Therefore, we should always put in our minds the importance of renewing our minds always through reading the Word of God. Let us always remember to ask the Holy Spirit to renew us everyday and to strengthen our faith always. 

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