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“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Hebrews 6:10

Most of the time we ponder about what we can get if we help others. We try to always find that will to help others and as human as we are, usually, we just help other people if it can also benefit us. We only help people if there is something we can benefit from. Even if we deny it or not, we have that hidden agenda whether we are aware of it or not. May it be fame, money, praise or anything, deep down inside us, we crave for those. 

However, if we really ponder about the real meaning of service, we will then realize that true service is sacrificial. We have to see that the real example of service is Jesus Christ. He came not to be served but to be served. Thus, as Christians, we are ought to serve one another with love. We are ought to lovingly help others and show them the highest degree of patience because we all know that we are all sinners. 

Yet, in the process of serving others, we may feel tired and heavily burdened. Our human ego will always want something in return and if we don’t have that, it will easily make us tired. However, if we truly again realize what real service is, we must not crave those. We must not do things because we expect something in return. Fortunately, in our verse today, we can see that God still continues to encourage us. He knows that we are human and we crave those. He knows that as much as we want to serve like Christ, we will still feel tired and heavy burdened. 

Therefore, Paul wants to remind us that God is not an unjust God. He will never forget your work. He will not forget that you stayed true to your ministries and to your calling. He will never forget that even if we fall short in His glory, we are trying to live our lives according to Christ already the moment we receive and understand the true meaning of Gospel. So, God is indeed not unfair and He will always remember what you did. He will remember the faithfulness you’ve shown Him and it is already an encouragement for us. 

For those times that we will feel bad and sad because we feel so tired of loving other people, we even feel tired and unmotivated to stay faithful in our ministries, and we feel so hopeless, always just remember this verse. God is a loving and caring God. As much as possible, He will always comfort you, strengthen you, give you the will to do everything that you need to do. Therefore, this is also why we see so many people have the heart to serve even if there is nothing for them. So many Christians who value others’ well-being more than theirs because it is the love of Christ coming out from them. 

It is already very comforting to know that God is not unfair and He does not forget what we did for His people. Therefore, we should encourage one another and love each other with the love of Christ. Let us continue to be faithful in our ministries because this is our only response to the salvation that Christ has made possible for us. We should continue to serve one another just as Christ served us through His death and resurrection. May we be encouraged that God is not unjust and He is faithful and that He will not forget the love and the service we have shown to each other. Let us not let the devil take our desire to help other people and let us always be bound with love that even our enemies, we will learn to love them. May the peace of God and the loving kindness of our Lord embrace us as we continue our ministries, our service and love towards others. 

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