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“but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe.” – Hebrews 1:2

We all know and even can admit that we are hard-headed. A lot of people will only believe if they can see things with their own eyes. However, we will be surprised at how hard-headed we can be that even if we see it with our own eyes, we will still choose not to believe. Now, this kind of characteristic is visible in terms of believing in God. God has sent so many prophets and messengers before, but men still chose to not believe in Him. Instead, people chose to make things that they can see to call their god. Even if God has brought the people out of the land of slavery, they have already seen the power of God through the plagues, and even through the parting red sea, they ignored all of these. 

This just shows how hard-headed and calloused heart we are. We always choose the easy way and always believe something we can always make sense of in our small minds. That’s why our hearts always wander, and however God will show us that He is the only one true God, we will always choose something that is not true. So, our verse today reminds us of all of these. The writer of Hebrews wanted us to remember that the God who spoke to our ancestors through the prophets before is still the same God who is now speaking through His Son. 

As hard-headed as we are, we still think that salvation comes from our good works. So, God sent His Son into the world so that He will testify about the Father and to fulfill the promise God has promised to our ancestors– and that is to save all of the people from their sins. Now, we have to understand that Christ– the Son of God is from the Father and He is the heir of the kingdom and indeed through Him, He made the universe. Thus, when Christ died on the cross, He actually enabled the freedom for us to speak directly to God through Him. Christ even mentioned that whatever we will ask the Father through Him, the Father will listen according to His will. 

Therefore, if we really reflect deeply into us, Christ came into the world to save us from our sins, to free us, to change us, to give us life, and now we have learned that He also came into the world so that we will be able to speak to the Father through Him freely. We don’t have to undergo those ceremonies just like the people in the Old Testament do, but we only have to talk to God in Jesus Christ’s name and He will hear us. So, let us be grateful for this and remember always that we are truly blessed and graced. God has given us so much grace that we cannot even fathom it. Let us keep in our minds and hearts that God has spoken to us through His Son and we must always focus on the Son and follow Him.

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