If you’re a Christian, you may have many spiritual experiences during sermons on Sundays. The church is a great venue to encounter God’s spirit, but you can also invite God into your own house. If you’re a parent, you know the strain of trying to furnish and decorate your home in an aesthetically pleasing way. However, one of the best ways to ensure you have a house full of love, joy, and serenity that lasts a lifetime is to have a Jesus-centered home. Doing it won’t cost you a penny, and anyone can participate.

Here are 5 things you can do to invite God into your home: 


Integrate prayer into your daily routine. Pray when you wake up, at mealtimes, and before retiring for the night. If you live with family members, pray with them. You should all take turns saying grace before meals. If you are a parent, teach your children and allow them to say their own prayers. The best method to communicate with God is in your own words, so remind them that prayer doesn’t have to be a complicated spoken piece. Teaching your children to pray will be something they remember for the rest of their lives. It’s been said that families that pray together stay together.

Attend Church

If you want to encounter God in a personal way, there’s no substitute for weekly church attendance. Comfort and encouragement can be found in the words of your preachers. You can carry this energy back to your home. Just the simple act of coming together as a family can bring about positive change and make room for the Holy Spirit to work strongly in your midst.

Read the Bible

There are numerous advantages to reading God’s Word. Just listening to your pastors on Sundays isn’t enough. You should also make it a daily practice to read the Bible. To teach your children about God, read them stories from the Bible. You may try reading them just a few verses each day and then having them talk about what they learned. You can use this time with your kids to teach them about the Bible, and you might even pick up some new insights yourself. If we take the time to listen, children can teach us something new about God.

Love one another

To invite God into your home, you must obey His laws, one of which is to love one another as God has loved you. Because God is love, fill your home with love. Parents, instead of resentment and anger, treat your children with love and kindness. Children may not fully comprehend the concept of love, but they will experience it and mimic what they see adults do.


Frame up some scriptures from the Bible, some favorite quotes, and other motivational phrases to keep you and your family motivated every time you go through the door. Put it somewhere you and your family will see it often, such as the refrigerator, a bathroom mirror, or a bedside table. Allow the daily Bible verses to permeate your everyday conversation and dinner table banter.It could be the timely reminder you and your loved ones need.


God’s presence is crucial in the Christian’s daily life, but it is especially vital in the Christian’s household. A home is a secure sanctuary and a place of comfort. It is a space where individuals may raise their families and have fun with their friends and pets. The best way to assure a wonderful home is to invite God to live in it. Kindness, respect, humility, and love are the seasoning and spice of a Christ-centered home. It’s a place where individual aspirations are based on shared family values and where your goals align with God’s will. If you’re stuck for ideas, we recommend starting with the Bible portal. It has numerous inspirational verses and messages that you may incorporate into your home.