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Luke 8:42-48

In the passage, we witness the remarkable faith of a woman and the incredible outcome it brought about. During Jesus’ time, those who were subject to bleeding endured harsh treatment, often facing social isolation due to the stigma attached to their condition.

The account tells us that there was a large crowd surrounding Jesus, making it all the more challenging for this woman, weakened by twelve years of suffering, to reach Him. It raises the question of how she managed to maneuver through the throng. Perhaps that’s what led her to decide to simply touch the edge of Jesus’s cloak. Not even the entire cloak, but just its hem. It’s noted that many people pressed against Him, likely seeking healing, yet only this one woman, who touched just the edge, received her healing. Some may have touched His body, even grasping His arm, or engaged Him in conversation. Yet, it was this woman’s touch of the cloak’s edge that brought about her healing. She might have seen the smallest glimmer of hope amidst the multitude. And what facilitated her healing? Her faith alone. Sometimes, all we can discern is a sign as subtle as a man’s hand-sized cloud. Yet, the Lord’s miracle works for those who cling to even the tiniest sign with unwavering faith.

How profound is this unnamed woman’s faith? Later in the story, it mentions that she came trembling before the Lord, fully aware that she couldn’t go unnoticed. Her faith was so robust that she believed Jesus would discern who had drawn power from Him. She understood that she couldn’t hide from Him. Outwardly, she may have seemed feeble, ailing, easily overlooked. Yet, she possessed a faith so potent, so awe-inspiring, it could overcome anything. This is what leads us to salvation.

In the conclusion of this account, Jesus addresses her as “daughter.” It’s worth noting that this transpired on the way to Jairus’ house, where his twelve-year-old daughter was at the brink of death. The woman herself had suffered from her condition for twelve years. As Jairus witnessed this woman’s faith, believing that a mere touch of Jesus’s cloak would save her, he perhaps found the strength not to lose hope, even in the face of his daughter’s passing.

Miracles, the handiwork of Jesus, are reserved for those who possess unshakable faith in Him. Even when there seems to be no sign, they believe that a touch of His cloak will bring salvation. The incredible power of Jesus’s love undoubtedly heals our souls and grants us peace.

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