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“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9

God has emotions, and so do we, because we were created in His image. Our emotions are His gift to us. As we live our life, our decisions are often influenced by our emotions at the time being. However, if they are not used wisely, they can bring severe suffering or pain to our lives. We have to understand that since we are capable of our own emotions, we also have to learn how to manage them. 

God makes it clear that the matter of the heart is why we sin. It’s why we keep falling into the routine of the inability to resist temptations and forsake God. Our hearts deceive us into thinking that we will feel fulfilled and satisfied when we follow our hearts and truly be happy when we follow what we desire. We only use our emotions for ourselves. 

But, we must realize that not everything we desire is what we need and not everything we feel is right. Have you ever heard the advice “Follow your heart”? People strongly use this advice, but it contradicts what God says. He has made it clear that the heart is also wicked apart from it being deceitful. If you yourself cannot understand your heart, how much more can others discern what is right for you?

If we keep on following our hearts, and constantly being controlled by our emotions, sooner or later, we will never have peace and joy. Our feelings will destroy our dreams, plans, achievements, and above all, they will ruin how we perceive God. As it is also said in Proverbs 14:12, there’s a way that seems right for us, but it will lead to death. Be reminded of the people who have followed their hearts but ended up destroying their lives. 

Realize that feelings do not think; instead, they just control us. Our emotions will come and go, but not God. He is the only constant that we can rely on. He is the only One who knows our hearts better than we know ourselves. So always go back to the truth. Do not let your heart dictate your decisions. Control your emotions. 

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