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“He replied, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.’” – Luke 11:28

Obeying is something everyone can never achieve. Either obey the law or just simply obey what our parents are telling us not to do. It’s very hard, and everyone has a dilemma in making sure that this statement is fulfilled. Although not all are disobedient, there are still people who obey their parents and try their best to obey what our God has told us to do. However, everybody sins, which shows that we are really disobedient and we are really not capable of obeying on our own. 

However, what’s the purpose of our verse or all the verses that God is encouraging us to obey? What were all the reasons why He still encourages us to obey if God already knows that we are incapable of that? Well, God is omniscient, of course, He knows that we will have a hard time. That is why He said that the blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it. The people who hear the Word are blessed because once we hear the Word, it does not just make us understand, but it also changes our outlook and our lives. 

Now, we have to understand that obeying is not something we are capable of doing alone. That’s why God is there, that’s why the Word is there, who is Jesus Chris– the incarnate Word so that we will have the strength to obey. We can obey through Christ if we hear Him. If we listen to the Word and obey it, we are blessed. It is not just a promise, but also a step for us to follow. We are so blessed that even if we are incapable of obeying, God has allowed us to have the strength, and that opportunity is through hearing the Word who is Christ our Lord. So, we have to know that obeying must be difficult, but we are able through Christ. 

Therefore, let us never forget this truth and hold on to this truth as it is our way to be able to obey the Word of God. Obeying the Word of God means also listening to His Word. We can never obey without hearing the Word, and it is impossible for us not to obey once we hear the Word, because if we truly hear it, we will be changed. Our lifestyle will change– from being sinful to a life of trying to reflect Christ’s love and righteousness. Thus, we must understand that we are incapable, but made capable by Christ’s grace.

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