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“Do to others as you would have them do to you”. LUKE 6:31

Commonly known as the “golden rule”, this verse has been popularly acknowledged, even those who have not encountered the scripture. This very reminder came from the Lord Jesus Christ himself as an impartation to us on treating other people. But more than an accusation, as how others would use this statement, this very lines from Christ comes with a deeper meaning – that how we treat others should be an outflow of God’s love for us.

Let us ask ourselves, who are we to deserve the Heavenly Father’s love? This unfathomable and immeasurable love was given out of mercy and grace to all of us undeserving of it. Acknowledging this every day in our lives will help us change the way we view people and relationships. Through our day-today submission to the will of God in our lives, with fellowship of the Holy Spirit working in us and through us, this will change how we treat others, by treating them through the lenses of God’s love. Despite people’s persecution and favor that is not returned to us, still this love holds us to show goodness to people, even to the hard ones, that they may see God’s love in you that will lead others to a repenting life.

Today, let us be reminded that we are salts and lights in this world, let us therefore treat others in the way of being a salt and light.

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