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O Lamb of God, who, both by Your example and precept, instructed us to be meek and humble, give us grace throughout our entire lives, in every thought, and word, and work, to imitate Your meekness and humility. Mortify in us the whole body of pride; grant us to feel that we are nothing and have nothing, and that we deserve nothing but shame and contempt, but misery and punishment. Grant, O Lord, that we may look for nothing, claim nothing; and that we may go through all the scenes of life, not seeking our own glory, but looking wholly unto You, and acting wholly for You.

Father, may we not speak of any word that may tend to be used for our praise, unless the good of our neighbors requires it; and even then let us beware, lest, to heal another, we are wounding our own soul. Allow our ears and hearts to be ever shut to the praise that comes from men. Give us a dread of applause, in whatsoever form, and from whatsoever tongue, it comes. Deliver our souls from this snare of hell; neither let us spread it for the feet of others. Whosoever perishes thereby, let their blood be upon their own head, and let not our hands be upon them.

Thank You, Father God, for the wonderful grace that You have bestowed on all Your children, which enables us to live by Your grace, and to grow in grace. Grace, which empowers us with sufficient strength and abilities from above, to live and work to Your praise and glory. Lord, it was by Your grace that we were saved and brought into Your family, forgiven of our sins, given access to Your throne of grace and imputed with Christ’s righteousness.

God, it was by Your grace that we were given eternal life, indwelt by the Holy Spirit and awarded a heavenly citizenship with an inheritance that is imperishable, and will never pass away. And it is also by Your everlasting-kindness that You give grace to those that are humble and oppose those that are prideful and arrogant. I pray that I live in humility of spirit and meekness of mind, so that I may reap the divine benefits of Your gift of grace, which You have promised to bestow on all who humble themselves before Your holy Presence. In Jesus’ name I pray,

Oh, Giver of every good and perfect gift, if at any time You please to work by our hands, teach us to discern what is our own from what is another’s, and to render unto You the things that are Yours. As all the good that is done on earth You do it yourself, may we ever return to You all the glory. May we also, as a pure crystal, transmit all the light You pour upon us; but never claim as our own what is Your sole property.

Father, how we thank You for the wonderful example of true humility that is seen in the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who despite being God incarnate, lived His life in humble submission to You, learning to be both submissive and obedient by the things that He suffered. Thank You, Lord, that in union with Jesus we have His mind, as we also submit to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Help us to develop the beautiful spiritual fruit of humility that is so important in the lives of all Your children, if we are to grow in grace and to mature into a deeper knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Lord Jesus. Help us not to do anything out of selfish ambition or foolish vanity, but rather may we develop the Godly grace to regard the needs and desires of others as being more important than our own. Teach us, we pray, to live as Jesus lived, in the power of the Spirit and for Your praise and glory.

O Holy of holies, Lord my God, incline your ear to the prayer of your poor servants. Help us, and we shall be saved, so that we will meditate always on Your justifications. We deserved to be one of the least of your servants, in the kingdom You have prepared for those who are humbled and who love you. I love you then, O Lord my strength, with all my heart, as You, Yourself, have commanded by Your sacred mouth.

You are our hope, salvation, and our desire is ever toward You. Keep us from all error by a perfect understanding; from all impurity by a clean heart; from all kind of doubt by a right faith; from all distrust by a steadfast hope; from all disgust and negligence by a burning charity; from all disquietude by great patience; from all unclean thoughts by holy meditation; from the attacks of the devil by continual prayer; from frequent distractions by a sustained attention in reading; from listlessness and drowsiness by useful occupation, and from thinking of satisfying our vices, by the remembrance of Your holy passion. Come with all these graces, O Lord, and confirm us in all Your holy words. In Jesus name. Amen.

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