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Heavenly God, You are the only source of genuine love. You have shown to me the true meaning of unconditional love by redeeming me through the sacrifice of Christ. I know that the only way that I could love the same is if I allow You to work in my life. 

I pray for my heart. I pray that it will be filled with Your extravagant love. I pray that I will learn to cherish the love that You show me everyday through obedience. That I will not only love You with words but with deep commitment and undying faith.

Help me, to love You the way that You deserve. Take away anything that is hindering my love for You. I pray that my heart, soul and strength will be used in expressing how much I love You. You are my Lord and I am grateful to have had this love relationship with You. 

I pray that I will unselfishly share this love to other people. Help me so that my heart will have more room for others. I pray that I will not hesitate to give my all in helping other people experience the love that I receive from You. Teach me to do this willingly. 

Lord, help me to be intentional in showing love to other people. I pray that You will help me take every opportunity to show love to others. I pray that the character of love will be clearly shown in my life that when people look at me, they will see Christ. Use me as Your vessel of love.

I pray that like You, I will not tire on giving love. I pray that I will not give up especially to those who appear as unlovable to my sight. I pray that like You, I will learn to show love through sacrifice. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. is a Christian website that provides Christian prayers content and offers a rich social and personal platform to freely share gracious prayers, enjoy family-friendly inspirational images and audio and text, pray for each other, get daily devotionals, and more.

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