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1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing”.

Prayer is a communication between man and God. Through prayer, humans present our petition to God. It is the way that we can express our feelings to Him.

Prayer requires our faith in Him and undivided devotion, and willingness to obey His will. Of course, prayer demands quality time. If we cannot give our quality time talking with God, we cannot get what we want from Him. God can live without man, but man cannot live without God. Without God we are nothing. We need Him in our life. Only God can satisfy our needs, but how can He satisfy our needs if we don’t know how to pray?

Prayer is important because it is our strength against the power of the darkness. A prayerful man is away from any dangers, even though there may be trials and temptations around him but there is God who will always intervene to rescue him. The Lord Almighty can do all things because nothing is impossible for Him. We can benefit from God’s power through prayers. God can read our mind, sees our heart and hears our prayers.

In different languages, different tribes, each has their different gods and all are praying to their own gods. We Christians are praying to the one and only true God, the God of heaven and earth, the God Almighty. In the same way, we cannot afford not to pray every day because only through prayers we can tell everything to him.

Also, our prayer is evidence of our love for him. God can do miracles, if we still believe in miracles, therefore, miracles will happen because our big-time God can do our big-time prayer. If people will not cease in prayer, each has a healthy lifestyle. It is the joy of the Lord if people will keep on praying. So, pray without ceasing.

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