In times of need, the power of prayer can be drawn upon by people of all faiths, regardless of their religious affiliation. Many people have turned to prayer as a way of coping with the loss of a loved one, mending strained friendships, and rekindling faith in the face of overwhelming adversity. Prayer, whether spoken aloud or in a quiet whisper, can help people feel connected to the Almighty Father and bring temporary relief from the stresses of the present. Answering prayers is one of the various ways God shows His love for His people.

Prayer of Comfort During Difficult Times

When responding to times of crisis, most people immediately turn to prayer. Because we all know, deep inside us, that there are some things we simply cannot change and that only God can rescue us when things look hopeless.

God knows your concerns even before you come to Him in daily prayer for strength. (Psalm 139:4) There are many accounts in the Bible of prayers being heard and answered.

Sometimes, however, it may seem as though your prayers go unheard. Don’t worry! God’s timing is always right, so don’t worry about anything.

God always responds to prayer with one of three possible responses: yes, no, or wait. Don’t be discouraged if your prayers are not answered. Keep in mind that the Lord’s ways are higher than your ways and that there are some things you simply can’t grasp in this life. Finally, remember Romans 8:28. “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.”

Prayers for Peace and Comfort

Prayers for peace and comfort can have a powerful psychological and emotional effect on the person offering the prayer. In trying times, they can give you the strength to persevere and the hope to see things through. Do you need a daily prayer for strength? For starters, consider the following prayers: 

Lord, the world is stirring up. Radio, TV, and social media news reports get worse daily. The global crisis affects families too. From losing jobs and income to shocking and scary medical diagnoses, we sometimes lack words and direction. You know these. Father, guide us. Help us find ways to support each other and offer assistance when needed. Remind us that this earth is not our forever home (John 14:27). Remind us to listen for Your daily guidance and revelation (Deuteronomy 31:8). Father, may we always think of You. I pray Your Word gives us hope (John 16:33). Thanks for Your peace and comfort. Amen.

Father, some days are too stressful. I’m crying my heart out. I worry. Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me for giving You my worries and taking them back. You are the only answer. Please help me keep going. My body reacts to my worries. Help me, Lord. I Need You. You protect and comfort me (Ephesians 6:10-15). I pray I will be powerful and fight these battles with Your help. Friends, family, and strangers who pray for me and others who need strength in daily battles, thank you. Thank You for daily strength and relief. Amen.


When all else fails, turning to God in prayer can change everything. Anyone can pray. It’s a source of much-needed peace and solace that allows you to reconnect with your inner fortitude and an awakened sense of purpose. Prayer can give you the courage and peace you need to weather any storm. If you are looking for spiritual guidance, you can find many different messages and prayers on the Bible portal website.