All of us have unique journeys in love but those with lasting relationships have one thing in common: God is the center of their relationship. By making Him the foundation of your love, you’ll find that you have a much deeper level of understanding, love, and respect for each other. You’ll also experience an abundance of joy, peace, and contentment in your life together. 

It’s true that relationships may be challenging, but putting God at the center of your relationship helps you grow closer to your partner and weather any storms that may come your way. In this article, we will provide you with biblical principles and practical tips for putting God first in your relationship, leading to a divine path to lasting love.

5 Tips for Building a Relationship that Stands the Test of Time:

  1. Always Put God First.

No matter how much of the world’s distractions we get wrapped up in, it’s essential to always keep God at the center of our relationships. Never lose sight of the fact that He is responsible for bringing you and your significant other together, and He is also the one who will provide the strength you need to persevere in your love for one another.

When you put God first in your relationship, you give Him the highest priority and look to Him for direction in everything you do as a couple.It involves always working to honor God in your relationship and making decisions together that are consistent with God’s will for your lives. Putting God first will bring a greater depth of love and understanding into your relationship and earn God’s favor.

  1. Pray Together

Praying together is a powerful method for Christian couples to place God at the center of their relationship. Praying together is a wonderful way to bond as a couple and strengthen your connections with God and each other. You’ll get a deeper understanding of each other and a greater sensitivity to their emotional and spiritual needs as a result.

  1. Maintain a Grateful Heart 

There is a risk that partners who have been together for a long period will begin to take each other for granted. As time goes on, you grow accustomed to their presence and may stop expressing your gratitude to them as often as you should. Take a moment each day to consciously appreciate your partner, you’ll come to realize just how lucky you are to have found someone so special. Gratitude is key in any relationship – be thankful for the beautiful moments your partner brings into your life and you’ll see how much better your relationship will become!

  1. Read the Bible Together

Taking the time to study the Bible together can help couples see where they can make improvements to their relationship and where they can look for direction. By reading the Bible together on a regular basis, you and your partner can become more spiritually close and connected. You also make it easier for the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you.

  1. Forgive Often

Forgiveness is an important part of a healthy relationship. When you forgive each other, you are doing what Jesus did when he forgave all of us. By forgiving each other, you can let go of anger, resentment, and bitterness that could hurt your relationship. Practicing forgiveness is a great way to grow in Christlikeness and to see the gospel at work in your own relationships. It’s not always easy, but it’s one of the things you need to do often in order for your relationship with your partner to flourish. 


To sum it up, if you want to have a happy and enduring marriage as a couple, you need to prioritize your spiritual relationship with God above everything else. You can do this by adhering to biblical principles and helpful advice like praying and studying the Bible together. Remember, there is no perfect relationship, just two people striving to be more like Christ together. If you and your partner are serious about putting God at the center of your relationship and growing spiritually together, I encourage you to check out the Bible Portal website, which is loaded with tools and resources for couples to learn more about God and grow closer in their faith as they spend time together studying the Bible and praying.