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“Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.” – 1 Peter 1:13

Since the holidays were just one week ago, everyone had their own chance of celebrating it. Others had wine, drank alcohol, partied and etc. Most of the time, we lose our sense of thinking when we indulge in such things. We are most likely dependent to the people we are with and we usually let go of our sense of thinking because we know that we have someone to lean on when we get drunk or when we are not alert. 

Now, just like in the case of being drunk, Peter wrote us a reminder. As Christians, he wants us to remember that we should be alert and be of sober mind. He wants us to have alert and sober minds towards our salvation. We should not let ourselves be drunk with our sinfulness to the point that we just always succumb to do sinful things. 

They say that alcohol is like a poison, one drop of it, it’ll kill you because you won’t be able to stop yourself from wanting more. That is also like our sins, one drop or one sin is a poison to us. It can already destroy our relationship to God which gives a big boulder that separates us from the Holy God. How much more if we do many sins? How much more if we continue to deliberately sin against God? We are just dragging ourselves farther away from God. 

So, being drunk to sin must be stopped. We should not give ourselves to sin and become slaves of it. We should not let one sin entangle us into an unending cycle. Instead, Peter wants to remind us that we should be alert and of sober mind. We should set our hope to the grace that is revealed to us in Jesus Christ. We should be aware where we are putting our hope for, is it in our sins or in the grace of God? Are we confident that we are saved and that we can have eternal life? 

Indeed it is very important for us to live our lives having our hope in Christ. We should be confident that we are saved and that we can have eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We should not just drunkenly depend on other things for our salvation and we should not be drunk with our sins. Instead, we should be alert and of sober mind to know that our salvation can only be found in Christ and so that our hope will be confidently put into Him and only in Him. 

Therefore, as Christians, we should always be alert on where we put our hope and be of sober mind every time we are on the way of doing sin. We must always remember that Christ has already died for us and His salvation is God’s grace to us. There is no other way we can ever secure our salvation but only through Christ. The only way we can have our salvation is only through Christ and not by our works or not by anything. Thus, we should set our hope in Christ having the confidence that we will be with Him at His second coming. We should always remember to not get drunk over our sins and deliberately sin against God, but instead we should be alert and of sober mind to fight against the schemes of the enemy. We have to understand that putting our hope in Christ will help us fight the schemes of the devil and will make us alert and of sober mind. 

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