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There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1

The apostle Paul’s magnum opus, the book of Romans, featuring a profound way of how we respond in God’s redemption amidst the struggles of being in flesh and one of the powerful declarations in this book is found in Romans 8:1, that living life in Christ Jesus, renewed, baptized by the spirit, there will be no more condemnation.

It is essential for us to understand this verse, for we now live under the spirit. Living with the spirit means that in Jesus Christ, the curse of the law was taken away from us, for it will be hard for us to carry that burden as we humans fail. Yet in God’s grace and mercy in Jesus, the burden is taken away from us freeing us from the eternal wrath of God. Now with us is the Lord Holy Spirit, the helper, that sanctifies us, teaches us, correct us, rebuke us, convict us, although freed and not condemned, the Lord continues to help us to live in accordance with His will and glory of His purposes under His grace and mercy in the process of sanctification.

Living in spirit now means let us free ourselves from the thoughts of condemnation that drift us away from the Lord, instead let our convictions move us to have a contrite heart, for the Lord delights and show mercy on those who come to Him, confesses, repents, and genuinely desire to overcome fleshly struggles. Just like a Father and child relationship, run to Him, the father’s arms are open, to forgive and embrace us back and grow and the knowledge of Him and the refuge of His love (Luke 15:20-24). Now let us live our lives free from the condemning thoughts of the enemy, remind ourselves of the gift of God’s grace through Christ, live by the Spirit that that will help us overcome each day, and share this message to the lost.

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