“The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.” – 1 John 2:17

By any chance, we tend to fight our way in this world. When we think of it, why do we work so hard? Why do we try so hard to build a wonderful life in this world? We always want to earn so much so we can have our own house, our own cars, have money to buy everything we need. Well, of course it is not bad to desire a good and stable life for God wants to prosper us. However, most of the time we forget that this life is temporary. This world is temporary and time will really come that it will pass. 

John wants to remind us of this and he just wants us to remember that having a worldly mindset deserves condemnation. The world and its desires will pass away but those who do the will of God live forever. Indeed that everything will pass away but His Word will live forever. Now, we have to understand that this world is temporary. We should not let the world confuse us and let it shake our faith in Christ. If we crave and desire what this world can offer, we are just like jumping into the fire for the world will only offer sins. Even though it feels good, it feels right, it doesn’t mean that it is already right and good in the sight of God. Always remember that it only feels good and right but it really isn’t good and right. 

Indeed that our desires are very hard to stop. Our craving for sinful things are very great that most of the time we will just succumb to what is evil. However, we have to remember that these desires are not worthy. All the feelings we will feel after giving in will just pass away but the consequences of it are eternal and spiritual. The consequences of sin is death and thus, living in this world will just cease. Time will come that we will not exist anymore. Is it really worth it? Well, some people even say that we only lived once, therefore we need to make the best out of it. Is giving in to sin the only way to make the best out of it? Of course not!

We have the ability to choose righteousness, purity, and holiness for God made us victors of Christ. He has given us the power to say no to sin and to flee from evil. Thus, we must use this gift to choose righteousness and to choose to follow God’s will. Let us do good and live our lives holy and pleasing to the sight of God. Although our salvation does not come from doing anything good for we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus. However, the natural outcome of this salvation is the desire to do God’s will. 

Now, what is then God’s will for us? His will for us to live our lives worthy of the salvation of Christ. Well, not that we can ever do anything to make us worthy but by His power and grace, we can. His will for us is to become living sacrifices for Him. Bringing more people to the knowledge of His saving faith. Also, we are ought to live our lives in-sync with Christ. We are not to desire what this world can offer because this world is temporary and a breeder of sins, but we are ought to seek God’s will through meditating on His Word day and night. 

Therefore, now that we know already that this world is temporary, may we also remember to seek God’s will. God promised us that whoever seeks His will shall live forever because indeed! The summarization of His will is Christ and the only way to our eternal life and redemption is only through Him. Thus, we will indeed live forever as long as we always stand firm on the faith and let God have the control over our lives. We should always put into our minds that His will is Jesus Christ and that only through Him we can have our redemption. This world is nothing but just a merely temporary place for us, because our citizenship is in heaven together with our Father.